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At John Gildernew Construction we are committed to working with our customers to build a home that combines comfort, creativity, elegance, and value. Our approach to successful home building and renovations couples extensive experience with uncompromised integrity, in order to produce complete client satisfaction.
John Gildernew Construction is an independent representative of Mold Slayer utilizing a new system of mold removal. 33 years construction experience works to resolve the source of the moisture intrusion and a revolutionary new mold treatment system achieves success faster, cheaper, and in a less destructive way than traditional methods.
John Gildernew Construction is a licensed and insured General Contractor operating in and around Chattanooga, Tennessee. John Gildernew is an Independent Representative of Mold Slayer.
John's career began shortly after college when he took a job as a mason tender and then as a brick, block, and stone mason. He ventured into general construction, as a young man with a young wife and family, as a means to build his own home. Put mildly, the experience was educational. As his family and experience grew he obtained a general contractors license for Tennessee.
Thirty years later he is still working hard to maintain his excellent reputation in high quality custom construction. John Gildernew is so confident in his reputation that he encourages anyone evaluating builders to make a complaints inquiry of the Tennessee State Licensing Bureau and the Better Business Bureau.
Presently John and his wife Lois still live in the home they built so many years ago. They have four grandchildren, and welcome as many visits as they can get. John Gildernew, his family, and dedicated employees look forward to working with you to create your own memories in the home of your dreams.
Builders can approach construction either from a commercial or personal perspective.
One of John Gildernew's greatest strengths is in his personal approach to home construction. He manages the day to day operations of all of his projects. John will always take time to listen to what you value, in order to successfully understand and translate it into every aspect of your home. His personal approach also means that when you want to call and discuss your home you won't have to leave a message with a secretary or abide by strict office hours, but rather you will reach him directly on his personal cell.
In previous years the construction boom challenged John's commitment to personal business, however, he turned down additional work that could compromise the quality and success of his current jobs. It has always been John Gildernew's belief that in his business integrity, personal commitment, and quality are central to success.
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Afraid of the cost?

The traditional method of mold abatement is expensive and inconvenient.

Often you must leave your home or office for several days while a containment is built, an air scrubber set up, and your wall or ceilings removed. When you finally do return, you're faced with the expense and inconvenience of putting everything back together.

The cash just continues to gush out of your pocket.

First, we′ll tell you HOW TO SPEND MORE MONEY

Here is how mold abatement is usually done. First, all the personal stuff is moved out of the area where the mold is located. Furniture, clothing, toys, everything must be removed.

Next, the abatement contractor isolates the area where the mold is located by building some kind of containment, usually poly sheets covering the walls and doors. A single room can take from a few hours to a full day to prepare.

After the containment is built the air is scrubbed using an air scrubber or a negative air machine. This machine must run continuously, night and day,from the moment it is turned on until air samples are collected and analyzed to confirm the air is safe.

Once the containment is set up and the air scrubber operating, any surface with discoloration like mold is removed. So your sheet rock, walls or ceilings would be removed. This can take a day or two, depending on how much discoloration there is.

Often the air is scrubbed for 24 hours after the mold is removed and before the air samples are collected, adding yet another day to the process.

If the air samples pass, the contractor returns and removes the containment.

Three to five days just to remove the mold.

Then you get to hire another contractor to replace the walls and ceilings that are now gone. More time and money.

Compare this to leaving your home or office in the morning and returning the same day. The mold has been removed and you can continue your life uninterrupted.

A Better Way

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Now there is a better way!

Imagine leaving your home or office in the morning and returning the

same day

- your mold problem solved quickly
and for less money. Is this even possible?

Not only is it possible, but available, thanks to a biochemist who has
developed a revolutionary new system to treat mold.
It's been used successfully for more than 5 years with
complete success!

And now it's available through John Gildernew Construction as an Independent Representative of Mold Cleaning USA.

Could you benefit from the advantages of this revolutionary mold treatment

Which would you prefer? The traditional method or

Our System?

Which method do you think is less expensive?

Accept no substitutes!

Our System

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By utilizing our cleaning system John Gildernew does not have to remove furnishings and you will not have to relocate during the process. You will have the satisfaction of a home clean of mold that is independently verified.


Our team will develop and submit a scope of remediation to safely restore the indoor environment.


The most critical concept in dealing with a water intrusion event is to eliminate the source and dry up the moisture.

John Gildernew has 3 decades of home building experience sucessfully fighting water intrustion.


Our unique product is blended with proven technology that effectively prevents microbial contamination on treated surfaces.

Our fogging agents are unique and their results speak for themselves. It is so safe that it has been skin tested and achieved a non irritant status. It is also a smart environmental choice as it is biodegradable and safe to use on any surface. It will not harm even the most delicate of fabrics nor discolour them.
When we're done removing the mold from your home or business, an independent air quality test will confirm that John Gildernew Contruction has done its job, and your life can return back to normal without any horror stories to tell.

Before and After Photos


The first time you see how effectively our system removes the mold, you will question what your eyes are telling you. Our technicians are often accused of replacing mold covered wood with new lumber - that's how good it looks!

See for yourself. Look at these before and after photos. These are not touched up photos - they are actual photos taken on real job sites. You'll agree, the results are truly amazing!



What We Do

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What We Do

• our trained technician will inspect your home or building to find the source of the mold

• if the source is not found, the mold will come back!

• once the source has been eliminated, technicians treat your home or building with our revolutionary System

• unlike traditional methods, only you and your pets leave during treatment (your belongings stay)

• in most cases you are back in your home or building within hours, not days

• results verified by an independent air test
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John Gildernew can be reached by phone

423 667 4465

or by email